Pr 3:1-7 Principles for Wisdom and Wealth from the Wisest

Biblical Quote from a rich wise man; “If you keep the following instructions that I give you, you will be prosperous & live a long time. “(Proverbs 3:1-7)

  1. Love all those you have been given in such a way that your commitment to them is never in question. By doing this you will have an excellent reputation with people and with God
  2. Depend on God in every circumstance & with every ounce of your being, acknowledging Him in all you do. Don’t be tempted to rely on your own schemes. By doing this you can be sure that God will place a clear path before you.
  3. Pride is a killer that makes us complacent with God and opens the door to evil. But, if you are humble and revere God, it will keep you healthy.
  4. With all your wealth demonstrate that you hold God in high esteem by giving to him first from any income you receive. By doing this you will have more than enough for yourself and others.
  5. Never get offended, angry or resentful when you are corrected or disciplined by God. Like all good fathers his discipline shows that He loves you.