Here is a tip for keeping healthy that you may never have considered.

Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD, and turn away from evil. It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones.

  1. Be Teachable
    • submitting yourself weekly to the preaching of the word in the context of a community of faith
    • submitting yourself daily to the reading of scripture
  2. Love the Lord Jesus Christ with Respect
  3. Allow the Conviction of the Holy Spirit to reveal any evil without & within.
    • Place that evil under the blood of Christ for cleansing and releasing.

Be not Wise in Your Eyes

It is unhealthy to be unteachable. When we believe that we know it all, (this is what it means to wise in our own eyes) we block our ability to learn things that may be helpful to us.

  • To live healthy, be Teachable

Fear the Lord

Health is dependant both on the physical and spiritual. Your spiritual well being is as important to your health as your physical well being. To fear the Lord is to love Him

To live in the ‘fear of the Lord ‘ is to 

  • Love the God of the bible. (The Father, the Son Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit)
  • Love His  Word (the Bible). His word describes who He is, and we need to know who He is in order to love Him
  • Love His Church for they are your true family if you belong to God.
  • Love His World for which Jesus gave up His Life


  • To live healthy, live in the Fear the Lord

 Turn away from Evil

Evil has to be defined because there are so many contrary views of what evil is . We encounter this in the clash of cultures. The suicide bomber sees his mission as noble and good while many would call it evil. Who is right?

 If we have no standard of what we define as evil then evil is relative & in essence nothing is evil

Man’s definition of evil falls far short of what God would define as evil. God would define any act that is selfishly motivated, as evil. Even some of the things that we do that are noble and good, are filled with a personal desire to be seen as noble and good; This God would define as evil.

Only under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Scripture can we truly know the evil that is within us and within the world. We are cleansed from evil through the application of Jesus blood by the Holy Spirit and the guidance of scripture.

  • As we are cleansed from evil within it brings healing to our physical body